Dependable Small Engine Repairs in Williams

An Experienced Small Engine Mechanic

Dealing with a malfunctioning engine is always frustrating. Rather than make the problem worse, your best move is to let a knowledgeable mechanic provide an accurate diagnosis. At Copperstate, we have the tools and experience to perform most small engine repairs and get your equipment working again.

Diesel generator

Don’t Give Up on Your Favorite Tool!

When a small engine device like a generator or chainsaw stops working, you might be tempted to replace it. However, you could be spending hundreds of dollars to replace a tool that could have been fixed with a simple repair.

Before you throw it away, let the experts at Copperstate Equipment & Repair diagnose the problem. Our skilled small engine mechanics will pinpoint the issue and let you know your repair options. A small investment in due diligence might save you money in the long run. Plus, a successful repair gives your tool more hours of service, increasing the return on your initial investment.

Signs that You May Need Small Engine Repairs

Recognizing a problem before your small engine refuses to start can make it easier to diagnose and fix it. We encourage you to bring in your tool if you experience any of the following signs.

Sputtering or rattling sounds

Smoke or visible exhaust

Using more gas or oil than normal

Heavy vibrations during operation

Sudden acceleration or deceleration

Difficulty starting the unit

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Affordable Small Motor Repairs in Williams

Affordable Small Motor Repairs in Williams

Your Copperstate small engine repair service begins with a diagnosis. We charge $40 to look at your tool and determine the issue. If you choose to have us perform the repair, we will deduct the diagnosis fee from your bill.

We charge either a flat rate or an hourly rate depending on the type and complexity of the repair. We will give you a final estimate after we diagnose your device.

30-Day Small Engine Repair Guarantee

30-Day Small Engine Repair Guarantee

We know that our small engine mechanics will provide reliable repairs. For this reason, we guarantee any repair work for a full 30 days after the service.

Trust the Small Engine Repair Experts

Keep your equipment running as it should with small motor repairs from Copperstate Equipment & Repair. Our goal is to provide local residents and contractors with the resources they need to complete their projects. If you have an engine that needs help, contact us today for a diagnostic appointment.

Questions About Our Small Engine Repairs?

Got questions about small engine repair? We’ve tackled the most common ones below. Dive in for insights on our services, and if you’re left wondering, feel free to reach out!

Yes. We can service the engine of your portable generator. We also recommend testing these devices regularly to discover problems before a power outage.

The time involved in a repair depends on several factors including the make and model of the unit and the type of repair required. We can handle most repairs within a day.

The cost depends on the complexity of the unit and the parts required. We charge $40 for the initial diagnosis but will deduct that amount if you let us handle your repair.

No. We realize that you may want to simply replace your tool if it requires extensive repairs. However, if you choose not to have us repair your device, we will keep the initial $40 diagnosis fee.

There are many reasons for a small motor failure. Some of the most common we see are:

  • Bad fuel gumming up the carburetor
  • Failed spark plug
  • Dirty carburetor
  • Failed ignition module
  • Flooded engine

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